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Get Early Access to Topcoat!

I am thrilled to announce that starting today, we’re accepting sign ups for early access to TopCoat!!


Our goal is to make it easier for independent nail artists to find, schedule and book appointments with customers, and visa versa. You do the nail art, we do everything else. 

The map view is one of our favorite features. When you create a profile on TopCoat, you’ll be able to see all the nail artists in your area, the nail art they are offering, and at what price. See below. 

NAIL ARTISTS - Sign up here for more info about TopCoat & how to get early access!

We’ve designed TopCoat to handle the entire process & make it easier for you to turn your passion into a paying job: 

  • You set your schedule, so customers will only be able to request appointments at times that you’re available.
  • Customers request an appointment for a specific time, location, design and price.
  • Customers pay up-front using the web or mobile phone — and you get automatic deposits into your bank account when you complete an appointment. 


Special thanks to Donne & Ginne of @Heynicenails, Nina of @Ninjahijackyou, and Jasmine of @jazzyreynbow_nails for letting us use their pics to demonstrate these features. Nina is not actually located in Los Angeles, but she willingly let us borrow the pics to demonstrate the feature nonetheless. 

Special thanks also goes to our development and design teams who have been working tirelessly to make TopCoat a reality.

Please sign up, share with friends & join us on TopCoat. We can’t wait to launch the full site early this Spring!  


Team TopCoat